Can You Game Your Body’s Health with Silica Supplementation?

Of all of the minerals the human body needs to function, silica is one of more important minerals needed for every day life. Silica is essential for maintaining and developing human tissue and research suggests that silica may even be more important that minerals long thought to the be most essential. With an estimated 3/4ths of the population deficient in silica, more attention needs to be paid attention to this essential mineral.

What is Silica Mineral?

silica health supplementsTechnically speaking, there is no mineral called silica. Silica is actually silicon dioxide, an active form of the mineral silicon. As previously stated, silica is essential to the maintenance of bodily tissues and is required to repair and build bones and joints.

Silicon is a macro-mineral and it has been categorized this way since the 1970s. Researchers found that poor bone development and insufficient growth were two effects of silicon-deficiency when animals were fed a diet low in silicon. Other studies have shown that the health of arteries and skin tissues are both affected by silicon. More studies are currently in progress and researchers hope to show that silica is more important.

Unlike in the past when the human diet consumed enough silica, modern food processing has stripped silica from the average diet. Most humans do not consume nearly enough silica, which has dramatic effects on the body. This has lead to the growth in popularity of silica supplements such as diatomaceous earth, which supply the body with this essential mineral that acts as a glue and healer of many potential ailments residing within your body.

Benefits of Silica Supplements for Health

Now that you know how important silica is to the body, what exactly are the benefits of silica supplements? Here are the most common reported benefits of silica supplements:

Heavy metal detoxification

Heavy metals like aluminum, cadmium, iron, and copper are found in foods and inhaled by us each day. While it is true that these heavy metals are perfectly safe and even needed by the body in small amounts, studies have shown that a large concentration of heavy metals can be toxic.

Silica supplements help to flush the digestive tract of these heavy metals, particularly aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimer’s. These heavy metals are quickly flushed out of the system which allows the digestive tract and the entire body to operate more efficiently.

Improved bone health

Silica is an essential mineral that is needed for the production of collagen. Collagen is what actually makes up our bones – not calcium. Although calcium is needed for the process to make bone, the core part of our bones are made of collagen.

Silica helps to make this essential bone cartilage so that bone density is higher and that the bones are much stronger and healthier.

Improved blood pressure and circulation

Silica strengthens the walls of the arteries and helps eliminate plaque from the walls of the arteries. This helps regulate blood pressure and helps to improve circulation so your entire body can receive vital nutrients to operate as efficiently as possible. Some studies suggest that silica supplements might help lower the risk for heart disease.


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