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Swissgolden Held its 2nd International Conference in Madrid This July

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This July, Swissgolden held its second international conference in the lovely city of Madrid.

Even Swissgolden bloggers are taking notice. With the motto: “Swissgolden: perhaps the only worthy response to any crisis!”, the gold bar buying club celebrated with both enthusiasm and style amidst a positive atmosphere of optimism and continued success.  The location of the conference lent a festive atmosphere, as Flamenco references permeated the entire course of events.

Speakers at the Swissgolden Conference

Company Director Kseniya Kreger gave an uplifting presentation on Swissgolden’s yearly financials as well as forward direction for development of the company.

Various company leaders gave in-depth presentations on practical matters such as creation of gold shop websites for independent associates.  Some gave presentations featuring top sellers with persoal success stories to entertain the crowd, according to the chief editor at Host Authority.

There was also a round of awards, where Swissgolden leaders were recognized for their achievements.

Conference Attendees Get Down to Business

After the speakers and award ceremonies, it was time to get down to the real reason many conferece-goers made the trip to Madrid: a concert, show, and buffet for everyone.  The next day, it was on to more important work like sightseeing in Madrid, complete with interview and photo shoot stops.

Swissgolden: European Only?

Swissgolden holds its administrative offices in London, with a nominee informative office in St. Petersburg, Russia.  There are partner offices in Russia, Ecuador, Spain, and more locations around the world.  The training center is in St. Petersburg, where partners may attend training held by Kseniya Kreger, sales director.

The conference seems to have been held in Spanish, as there are no videos in English to be found, yet many in Spanish, one in Russian and one in Italian.

One reason for this may be that buying and selling gold bullion is still big in Europe, and has in fact always been bigger over there than in the USA. They’re like the spanish-version of MOBE, which got their start in Australia and continues to flourish in Europe markets.

“About Programm” (no that’s not a typo)

Europe does seem to be command central for Swissgolden.  That makes sense after all…Switzerland has long been the gold marketplace of choice for gold dealers from around the world.  They have the infrastructure for certifying the gold bullion, and of course for transporting and storing it.

Although such services are available in the United States, the world simply knows and trusts Switzerland and has for a long time, when it come to the gold business (and, to a lesser extent, Germany).  Swissgolden customers have their gold stored in depositories in both Switzerland and German, where there is a plethora of specialized and certified gold depositories.  The actual gold bullion they purchase through Swissgolden is Swiss and German as well.

Swissgolden shows its true non-English speaking colors on its own website, where their “About Us” page is titled “About programm”  (in case English isn’t your strong point, there’s a missing article in there, plus a misspelling).

Swissgolden, the Opportunity

After an initial laydown of cash for their gold, customers may pay for their gold purchases with marketing activity rather than cash.  They put in orders for gold, then pay for them later once they’ve brought new paying customers into the program.  This is the company’s version of a bonus marketing program.