The Shadowhawk x800 LED Flashlight: Choosing The Best Tactical Flashlight

x800 tactical led technologyTactical flashlights are specifically designed for life threatening situations and emergencies. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all of them are manufactured with rugged practicality in mind.

Favored by military, police and other emergency services as well as others who want to make sure they possess the best and most reliable flashlight on hand for handling all type of emergency situations, they successfully incorporate the benefits of LED technology to offer wide range of features that other flashlights cannot.

The inherent benefits of LED lighting over traditional incandescent bulbs has made tactical LED flashlights the first choice of all those who work in tough situations.

Working without fragile bulbs and filaments and using solid state technology, LED can last for years, even after taking lots of shocks and don’t need any replacement. Furthermore, reliability of LED means you will get the light when it’s needed and for a much longer period of time without fading.

What makes a good tactical flashlight?

Best tactical LED flashlight is made using anodized, heavy duty aluminum. It’s also a best material for flashlight bodies as it is a good electrical conductor. These flashlights have lithium batteries as a light source.

These tactical flashlight batteries are lightweight, compact and small and perform excellent in extreme temperatures. They also last for a long time. Tactical flashlights are waterproof and easy to switch on and off.

Tactical flashlights are used by police and military to light their way across dark alleys and in emergency. Sometimes they are also used to temporarily blind or disorient their suspects. Since larger models are made using heavy-duty aluminum, they can be easily manipulated like a baton when needed.

Tactical flashlights are widely popular with emergency services. Search and rescue teams and firemen use them in their operations. They’re easy to carry due to their compact size and they do not take much space in their emergency kits. They can also be used at construction sites.

Civilians can also use them for different purposes. They are widely used by outdoorsmen and for others who need a steady source of light.

Shadow Hawk x800 Review And Features

X800 tactical led technology is the brightest of all flashlight widely popular among navy seals, policemen, firemen, coast guard and ordinary people. whether you’re driving a long way or walking alone, this long lasting and bright light is enough to save you from all dangers and emergency situations. It keeps you 24 hours prepared for every situation and is best flashlight to deal with almost every situation.

It’s the toughest tactical flashlight that is sleek and small and is handy and easy to carry anywhere you go. It’s unique feature is its zoom settings and the SOS as well as its strobe mode.

Top Features

A tactical flashlight overview of the Shadowhawk X800 tells us it’s equipped with 5 efficient modes that are coded as medium, high, low strobe and SOS. Due to this feature, this flashlight is the most tactical and long lasting one on the market. The best thing about X800 is that its LED lamp can run continuously for 100,000 hours and is powered by 3 triple AAA rechargeable batteries.

Shadowhawk X800 is equipped with XPE 800 Lumen LED light bulb that is most powerful and bright bulbs on the market. It comes with huge 800 lumens of power and is waterproof up to six feet for about 30 minutes. The flashlight is sturdy as it is made using aircraft grade aluminum that offers military grade self-defense. It is lightweight, ultra tough and compact flashlight that is manufactured in the US. Its five telescopic zoom focusing beam technology ensures greater flexibility and art zooming and can go to 1X, 250X, 500X, 1000x and 2000X settings (1).

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